The name of Christ was once widely praised and glorified in the Celtic nations of Europe. Today, however, the beautiful old churches, cathedrals and Celtic Crosses are mere relics of the once robust faith that inhabited Ireland, Scotland, and the other Celtic lands. Houses of worship are sparsely attended or altogether empty as the post-Christian secularism of Western Europe displaces the religion of Jesus in many Celtic areas. As such, the spiritual hopes of the residents of these lands now lie as desolate and decaying as the ruins of the numerous castles that dot their country sides.

With the help of people like you, Celtic Christian Mission wants to halt the expansion of secularism and re-plant the seeds of faith in the Celtic nations of Europe. Through your prayers and financial support for this ministry, you not only enable us to share the love and truth of Christ in the Celtic regions, but you also become a fellow worker in this good cause (3 John 7-8).

Please continue to browse our website and feel free to request a copy of our E-newsletter below. Also, we hope you will prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to assist with the ministry of Celtic Christian Mission.


Siochán Leat (Celtic for “Peace Be With You”),

Richard J. Cherok, Ph.D.
Executive Director